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Our consultation and support services



  • Consultation to elements of the REACh regulation
  • Dismay analysis
  • Communication within the SIEF and with syndicates
  • Creation of the registration dossier with IUCLID 6
  • Literature research and procurement of relevant data
  • Consultation and application of intelligent strategies
    • QSAR (Qualitative and quantitative Structure analysis)
    • Data waiving
    • Read-Across materials
  • Assistance with the lab research for studies to be carried out
  • Authorising of necessary studies
  • Creation of the material safety report (for materials > 10 t/yr)
  • Exposition consideration and risk characterisation for man and environment (for dangerous materials > 10 t/yr)
  • Late pre-registration
  • Submission of the dossier with the ECHA
  • Communication with the authorities (ECHA, BAuA)


Material Safety Data Sheets

  • Consultancy concerning all questions about the material safety data sheet
  • Dismay analysis
  • Creation of MSDSs in accordance with REACh and CLP
  • Creation of extended MSDSs in accordance with REACh and CLP
  • Translation of MSDSs into 22 official EU languages
  • Creation of MSDSs for non-EU countries by our cooperation partners
  • Revision of your MSDSs regarding to legal requirements as well as completeness and plausibility of the included information
  • Revision of the Dangerous Goods Classification (ADR) in section 14
  • Consulting and preparation of product labels according to the CLP Regulation



  • Advice on elements of the CLP Regulation
  • Determining the classification and labeling of substances and substance mixtures in accordance with the CLP Regulation and the Substances and Preparations Directive
  • Preparation of product labels in accordance with the CLP Regulation
  • UFI notification - Echa Poison Centers Notification according to Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation.


Dangerous goods

  • Advice on the identification of dangerous goods according to ADR/IMDG/IATA
  • Providing of material safety data sheets for the transport of dangerous goods
  • Acquisition of the role of adviser for companies



  • Advice on elements of the Biocidal Products Regulation
  • Notifications of biocidal products in EU countries during the transitional period
  • Preparation of the authorization dossier for biocidal active substances and/or biocidal products with IUCLID 6
  • Literature research and procurement of relevant data
  • Advice and use of intelligent strategies
    • QSAR (Qualitative and Quantitative Structure Analysis)
    • Data waiving
    • Read-across substances
  • Assistance with laboratory searches for studies to be carried out
  • Commissioning of necessary studies
  • Exposure assessment and risk characterization for humans and the environment
  • Submission of the dossier to ECHA or Baua
  • Communication with the authorities (ECHA, BAuA)



  • Cosmetics safety assessment
  • Evaluation of cosmetic ingredients
  • Notifications via CPNP
  • Literature search and procurement of related data
  • Consulting and assessment of UV filters, preservatives and hair dyes
  • Consultation and concern analysis for the cosmetics Regulation and other directives



  • Advice on elements of the Detergents Regulation
  • Preparation and review of product data sheets
  • Notifications according to §10 of the WRMG to the BfR or the ECHA Poison Center Portal


Bio Materials

  • Advice on elements of the Regulation for organic substances
  • Concern analysis
  • Risk assessment for activities with biomaterials
  • Literature search for relevant biomaterials
  • Inventory and assessment of the workplace and the activities
  • Risk characterization of biomaterials


European Chemicals Agency
Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
German REACH-CLP-Biozid Helpdesk of the Federal Authorities

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